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The Massive Collective What is Kanban
Kanban as taught by the Kanban University

What is Kanban?

With Kanban, you can manage mahi. It is a method to manage all types of professional services, sometimes referred to as mātauranga (knowledge work). Using the Kanban method means applying a holistic way of thinking about your services with a focus on improving them from your customers’ perspective. This aligns nicely with the way we work and conceptualise things in Te Ao Māori.

With the Kanban Method, you visualise mātauranga and how it moves through a workflow. This helps to effectively operate your organisation/business, including understanding and managing risks in delivering your services to the customers. With Kanban, organisations will develop an adaptive capability over time to respond better and faster to changes in your customer's needs and expectations or within your business environment.

The benefits of kanban include

Visualise Work: Kanban helps kaimahi visualise their mahi, making it easier to understand the flow of work items and identify bottlenecks or areas for improvement.

Limit Work in Progress (WIP): By limiting the number of work items in progress, Kanban helps teams focus on completing tasks before starting new ones, which can improve efficiency and reduce multitasking leading to better quality of work.

Manage Flow: Kanban emphasises the smooth flow of work through the system, helping teams deliver value to customers more consistently and predictably.

Continuous Improvement: Kanban encourages teams to continuously improve their processes by identifying and implementing small, incremental changes.

Increased Collaboration: Kanban promotes collaboration among team members by encouraging communication about how to improve the flow of work.

Flexibility: Kanban is highly flexible and can be adapted to various team structures and workflows, making it suitable for a wide range of industries and project types.

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Onboarding you with a better way of working

Your Kanban Journey

Our process of onboarding has been created using our Design Thinking Tīkanaga.

We envision your kaimahi will move through a four-step process, developing skills as we go. There will be a mechanism for kaimahi to step back through to coaching after the metrics step as/when required.

Our whakaaro is to tautoko as much or as little as possible to ensure we provide value to your organisation. Our internal measurement of success is to ensure that your organisation can lead and drive Kanban leadership within your organisation, thus no longer needing us to support you.

The four steps to our solution:

This involves a discovery process in which we will explore the pain points of your organisation and other key focus areas to plan our measurements of success and guide us in our education and training component.

Education &Training
Training can take place across the entire organisation in the areas and at a pace that works for you, bringing more and more people on your Kanban journey over time. For most, this will start with attendance at the Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) class, providing the foundational knowledge to all kaimahi. This will then split off based on responsibilities. All classes result in certified micro-credentials for all participants.

Coaching & Mentorship
After meeting a baseline in education and training, coaching and mentorship will solidify the knowledge learned and provide a practical approach to implementing your Kanban Transformation. This component will be organic based upon a needs approach, ensuring we provide just the right amount of support to your organisations, teams and kaimahi.

Metrics & Measure of Success
Metrics are critical to measure the success of this program. We have many tools and methods to measure this. As part of our solution, we will train your kaimahi on the tools and techniques we use within Kanban.

The Massive Collective Kanban Journey
The Massive Collective Kanban Leadership

The Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) is a process-level improvement model with the Kanban Method

For those that aspire to superior agility to deliver fit-for-purpose products & services

Kanban Leadership

We use KMM to guide process improvement across organisations by mapping out seven maturity levels and showing how to successfully deploy the Kanban Method. There is widespread thought that Kanban is just project management, a board with columns and coloured tickets. But the Kanban Method goes much beyond that.

The Kanban Maturity Model addresses the development of the following organisational capabilities:

Relief from overburdening.
Workforce cohesion and employee fulfilment.
Meeting expectations.
Delivering satisfaction to end users and stakeholders.
Defining and managing organisational identity and purpose
Resilience to setbacks and market turbulence.
Predictable, sustainable economic performance and financial robustness
Organisational agility.
Congruence of decision-making from top to bottom.
Long-term survival.
Meaningful, institutionalised change that sticks.
The Massive Collective Kanban

Analysis, Data, Metrics & Tooling

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Education & Training

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Kanban Consulting

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The Massive Collective Kanban Coaching

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