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Kanban Consulting

To aid in the onboarding process to your organisation, and kaimahi (staff), The Massive Collective offers our Kanban Consulting Service utilising the teaching from Kanban University and our many years of experience. It is bespoke and tailored to you to ensure it meets the requirements and needs of that organisation and your place in your Kanban Journey.

Some examples of how we can tautoko:

Embedding Kanban Practices: As your Kanban consultant, we can help your organisation implement Kanban practices tailored to your specific needs and goals. This is especially useful in areas such as assisting in setting up Kanban boards, defining workflow processes, and establishing policies to govern the flow of work.

Improving Workflow Efficiency: Help optimise your workflow by identifying bottlenecks, reducing waste, and improving the overall efficiency of your processes. We can also help your team prioritise work and manage dependencies more effectively.

Enhancing Team Collaboration: Supporting to facilitate better collaboration among kaimahi by promoting transparency, communication, and shared understanding of goals and priorities. This can help create a culture of continuous improvement and learning within your organisation.

Fostering organisational agility: Being kakama by promoting principles such as customer focus, adaptability, and iterative improvement. This helps your kaimahi embrace change and respond effectively to evolving requirements and challenges.

Driving Continuous Improvement: Helping your organisation establish feedback loops and metrics to measure performance and drive continuous improvement identifying areas for improvement and guiding your team in incremental changes to enhance productivity and effectiveness.

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We can Tautoko

Flexibility in the way we coach

Consulting with us comes in various forms. We do this so that we can provide robust solutions working with any budget requirements ensuring the best outcomes for your organisation. These forms are

Remote (virtual): Remote working has become commonplace in the workforce. We can support your kaimahi virtually providing flexibility and overcoming locational barriers which ultimately leads to cost savings for your organisation.

Kanohi ki te Kanohi (in person): Nothing beats kōrero in person - when used selectively, supporting your kaimahi face to face can provide stronger outcomes for your Kanban journey.

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