Kanban Analysis, Data, Metrics & Tooling

Helping you better understand what's happening in your organisation
The Massive Collective Kanban Analysis
Obtaining empathy through understanding.


Obtaining an understanding of the current status of your organisation is key to knowing how we can best support you on your Kanban journey. We do this best by exploring your current pain points and other critical areas of focus to plan our measurements of success and guide us in our education & training and coaching services.

Analysis includes

Meeting with kaimahi across your organisation, department or teams to gather information on the current way of working creating a base measurement.

Understanding pain points to support tailored coaching methods.

Utilise feedback from internal key stakeholders to support the delivery of Kanban education providing a bespoke solution that is fit-for-purpose.

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The Massive Collective Kanban Metrics Data
Providing insights for your organisation

Metrics & Data

Collecting information on the activities within your projects and programmes of work

It is important to know whats going on within your organisation, projects or programmes of work, especially for reporting purposes to key stakeholders. To support this, we can help you to better understand the direct link between meaningful visualisation of work and flow metrics to help make reliable forecasts on programmes, projects, features, epics, stories and down-to-task levels.

The introduction of virtual tools - this can help to gather better metrics and align if kaimahi don’t work together in person 100% of their daily work. In this context, a simulation is available in a virtual tool that transports learning content on how to scale between teams and projects and how this can look in the best available tool currently available worldwide.

The Massive Collective Kanban Tooling

Tooling for Kanban

Tooling solutions are typically unique for each organisation based on their needs. We find a combination of physical as a great way to communicate and collaborate organisation-wide and cross-team where, on a team basis, a digital board can work better for hybrid workers and at the granularity level.

Below is a list of software solutions we recommend and partner with to support in our tooling solutions

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All though primarily based in Wellington, Aotearoa, we are an entirely virtual team who function across all Aotearoa, Australia and with some overseas on their OE (overseas experience).