Cultural awareness training

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The Massive Collective Cultural Awareness Training
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Cultural Awareness Training

Since the pandemic, more teams work remotely, which enables organisations to access staff from all over the world. Also locally, people have become more mobile. Especially in places like Berlin, New Zealand, Australia, things become more and more multi-national, and yet (or because of that?), those situations increase. Are you also observing that situations come up across remote teams from different cultures you didn’t have when you were co-located all from the same country?

In this training, we’ll give you tools to understand those situations, and tools to work with others to understand them. In intercultural terms, we look at patterns and values across cultures worldwide, and how they can be placed relative to other cultures. There is never an absolute perspective on one culture. All of us have gone through completely different walks of life, experienced diverse countries or regional cultures, organisational cultures, family cultures etc. The main outcome of any cultural awareness or culture-specific training is for participants to become aware of their own culture, how it relates to other cultures, and how they might relate to one another.

It gives participants the opportunity to reflect on their own behaviour / reaction / thinking in particular situations, and situations they have experienced at work or in their private life. You will receive tools to recognise when you might be facing an intercultural topic, and ask the right questions to understand the conversational partner accordingly. As a leader, you will also receive tools to help individuals and teams find their way of working together, given their cultural backgrounds.

The following topics will be discussed in detail during the training:

Self-awareness and awareness about own prejudices and preconceptions.
Learn to adjust your own behaviour to maintain effective communication.
Leverage team performance by reducing the clash of personalities.
Reduce stress and conflicts.
Learn to create synergy instead, when interacting and working cross-culturally.
On the side, reflect on agile and traditional methods through an intercultural lens.

Let's kōrero
The Massive Collective Cultural Awareness Training Format
Cultural Awareness Training for a more inclusive world

Course Format

“You cannot not communicate” simply means that EVERYTHING one does is “read” as communication by the culturally diverse people around them.

The participants can therefore learn about becoming more confident and competent in communication

The methods covered in this course include

  • Pre-work: videos, reading,
  • Interactive exercises
  • Analysis of case studies
  • Inclusion of real case studies from the participants
  • Group work
  • Participant-orientated reflections

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