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What it takes for a Successful Investment Strategy

Investment strategy is a crucial component of financial management for not-for-profit (NFP) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

  16 June, 2023
  6 Minute(s) to read

The Pillars of Governance: Importance and Impact on Organisational Success

In the realm of corporate, not-for-profit, and community organisations, the term "governance" holds paramount significance.

  08 March, 2022
  4 Minute(s) to read

Google Workspace: Streamlining Productivity for Your Organisation

In today's fast-paced digital world, efficient collaboration and productivity tools are essential for businesses and organisations to thrive.

  14 February, 2022
  5 Minute(s) to read

The Design Thinking Process: The Massive Collective way

Design Thinking is a human-centred approach to innovation that has gained significant popularity in recent years for its ability to tackle complex problems and drive creative solutions.

  11 October, 2021
  5 Minute(s) to read

Changes to the Privacy Act: What you need to know

The New Zealand Privacy Act 2020 came into effect on December 1, 2020 and brings several significant changes that businesses and non-government organizations (NGOs) need to be aware of.

  28 February, 2021
  3 Minute(s) to read

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